Our Story

Since 1996, Miyo’s and M family have strived to offer you the freshest and finest Asian cuisine.

Thanks to our great staff who have shown great enthusiasm and energy in creating extraordinary dining experiences for our guests.

Like American culture, M concept has evolved from regional Shanghai and Szechuan cuisine to a melting pot of northern and southern Chinese cuisine, Korean style BBQ, Vietnamese- and Thai-influenced dishes and Japanese sushi. Our company has combined gourmet, healthy and unique foods and recipes from all over the world. The shape of the “M” logo symbolizes a mountain and we strive to reach the apex in every aspect of our company every day.

It is our pride and mission to introduce our patrons to the wide variety of healthy choices in foods and beverages; to create a sophisticated dining atmosphere; and to help our guests enjoy great meals full of flavor, balance and nutrition.

This menu is a collection of our healthiest, tastiest, and most popular dishes from the original menu to ones inspired by our customers, staff and travels.


Michelle Wang Cao & Raymond Cao